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We at Holy Family Senior Living want to take the opportunity to recognize our dedicated staff for their excellence in mitigating this pandemic.  They have done an incredible job of keeping our residents happy and cared for, as well as following all infection control procedures. 

They are our heroes on the front lines protecting our residents and each other.

Visitation Policy

Please enjoy your visits while continuing to be careful to wear your facemask and refrain from entering Holy Family Senior Living if you do not feel well.

We must remain vigilant against COVID and the flu. If you have any questions about the visitation policy, please call 610-865-5595.

  • Visitation is encouraged between the hours of 7am and 8pm 
  • Visitations will be allowed without restrictions on number of visitors or length of stay.
  • Visitors are allowed in resident rooms or the common areas on the same floor the resident resides (such as the dining room or alcove).
  • One visitation allowed per resident room if it is a shared space with another resident. If the resident’s room is occupied, the other visit will take place in a common area on the same floor the resident resides.
  • All visitors must wear face masks at all times, have their temperature taken and complete the COVID Questionnaire upon entrance to Holy Family Senior Living.
  • Laundry policy remains in effect – families are permitted to do resident laundry if they choose.