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What to Look for in a Senior Care Community

Choosing a senior care facility for yourself or a loved one is a significant decision, and it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the facility meets the individual’s needs and provides a safe and comfortable living environment. Here are the top ten things to look for when selecting a senior care facility:


  • Proximity to Family and Friends: Consider a facility that is located close to family and friends, making it easier for them to visit and provide support.
  • Access to Medical Services: Ensure that the facility is close to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare services in case of emergencies or routine medical appointments.

Licensing and Accreditation

  • Verify that the facility is properly licensed and accredited by relevant state and national regulatory agencies. These certifications indicate that the facility meets certain safety and care standards.

Level of Care

  • Assess the individual’s care needs and choose a facility that can provide the appropriate level of care. Facilities can vary from independent living and assisted living to skilled nursing or memory care, so match the services offered with the resident’s requirements.
  • Evaluate staff-to-resident ratios to ensure there are enough caregivers to provide personalized attention.

Quality of Care

  • Visit the facility and observe the overall atmosphere and interactions between staff and residents.
  • Speak with current residents and their families to gather insights into the quality of care and the residents’ satisfaction.
  • Research the facility’s track record, including any history of violations or complaints.

Cost and Finances

  • Understand the costs associated with the facility, including monthly fees, additional charges, and potential increases.
  • Review the facility’s policies regarding payment, insurance, and financial assistance options. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the pricing structure and any potential hidden fees.

Safety and Security

  • Inspect the facility for safety features, such as handrails, non-slip flooring, and emergency call systems.
  • Inquire about the facility’s emergency protocols and staff training for handling medical emergencies, evacuations, and other safety concerns.

Amenities and Activities

  • Consider the amenities and activities offered to residents. These can significantly impact the quality of life and overall happiness of the residents.
  • Look for social, recreational, and cultural activities that cater to the interests and preferences of the residents.

Dining and Meal Options

  • Assess the quality of the meals and the flexibility of dining options, especially if the resident has dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Evaluate the dining environment and social aspects of mealtime.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

  • Pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of common areas and individual living spaces.
  • Check for signs of cleanliness, hygiene, and general upkeep.

Family and Resident Involvement

  • Inquire about the facility’s policies on family involvement and communication. A facility that encourages family participation and keeps families informed can provide better support.

It’s important to visit and tour multiple facilities, ask questions, and carefully review all documentation before making a decision. Additionally, consulting with healthcare professionals and legal advisors can help you navigate the process and ensure that the chosen facility aligns with your or your loved one’s needs and preferences.

The Admissions team at Holy Family Senior Living is happy to answer any questions you may have to help you make the best decision for care of your loved one.